Members lining up a shot on one of our greens

Club Dress Code

All members are responsible for ensuring that both they and their guests conform to the dress code policy. It is a member’s responsibility to advise their guest(s) of the Dress Code and Mobile Device Policy prior to their arrival.
The Board of Directors has authorized all Dundas Valley Staff and Management to enforce the dress code and mobile device policy.  In as much, this dress code falls strictly under the discretion of the staff and management who have the full support of the Board of Directors.  Enforcement may include the following: Any violation of the dress code either on the course or in the Clubhouse will result in progressive disciplinary action up to and including suspension.
Golf Course and Clubhouse
In general, “Smart Casual” is the dress code standard on the golf course and in the club house.  This is defined as all attire must be tailored and in good taste. Children 12 years of age and over shall dress in accordance with adult regulations. Children 11 years of age and under should wear neat and clean clothing.
The Club realizes that members use the club in certain areas while they are in transition. Members are permitted to enter and exit the club (clubhouse entrance to locker rooms only) in street attire.   The club also realizes that proper curling attire may be worn in the curling lounge during curling season. 
Finally, the club makes every effort to ensure that all clothing sold in the Pro Shop complies with the dress code as amended from time to time.  All Management and Staff will make every effort to advise members when they are in violation of the dress code.  However, the responsibility for compliance is ultimately responsibility of the member and not any DVG&CC staff or Management.

Unacceptable Dress
Denim will not be allowed on the golf course, outdoor practice facility, or in the Valley Room (which is adjacent to the Stanley Thompson Lounge).  Solid colour denim of any colour will be allowed in the Bertram Lounge and Stanley Thompson Lounge, but it must not have holes, be ripped, torn, tye-dyed or frayed regardless of price or designer pedigree.  The Club reserves the right to restrict denim for special events as communicated in advance. 
(Short shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, sport jersey shirts, t-shirts or shirts with slogans, baseball-style hats worn backwards, jogging or track pants, leggings, yoga pants, tights, athletic shorts. Clothing that is ripped, torn, frayed, with visible patching or in general disrepair in not allowed)

Golf hats, caps, or visors are not permitted in any area of the club house except for the pro shop, Men’s and Ladies’ Lounge areas.  All headwear is to be worn as it is intended (bill forward).

Foot Attire
Soft spikes are mandatory on the golf course.  Golf sandals with soft spikes are also permitted.  Sandals for both men and women are permitted in the outdoor service areas of the clubhouse as well as anywhere in the clubhouse.  Members are encouraged not to wear sport sandals such as flip flops or  crocs in the Dining Room. 
Any sleeveless top worn must have a golf collar (standard turtleneck or mock style); conversely any top lacking a golf collar must have sleeves.   Clothing with promotional or commercial advertising is discouraged, but will be permitted if the business name, crest or logo is tastefully done and does not exceed 4 inches in diameter, with the exception of golf course crests or logos.  Golf skirts, culottes and shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh. Tailored slacks or Capri-style pants are allowed.  Tops with tailored bottoms specifically designed to be worn untucked are acceptable.
Golf shirts must have a collar (stand style, turtleneck or mock style) and must be tucked in at all times. Clothing with promotional or commercial advertising is discouraged, but will be permitted if the business name, crest or logo is tastefully done and does not exceed 4 inches in diameter, with the exception of golf course crests or logos.  Tailored golf slacks and shorts that reach mid thigh in length are allowed. This includes cargo style shorts or slacks.  However, they still must be tailored, with pockets and in good taste.   Certain cargo style shorts or slacks may not be permitted at the discretion of Pro Shop staff or the Chief Operating Officer.  
Cell Phone, Blackberry and other P.D.A./Mobile Device Policy:
  • All mobile and cellular devices are to be switched to silent or vibrate mode while on Club property.
  • Members are expected to use common courtesy when using mobile and cellular devices on the course and in the Clubhouse for email or texting purposes.
  • Members are expected to restrict such use to an absolute minimum. 
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the use of these devices interfere with the pace of play, the play of other members or the enjoyment of other members and guests.
  • Any member requiring the use of a cell phone for conversation are expected to do so in the areas of the club that are designated for smoking or the Bertram Lounge when closed or not in use. 
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the use of a mobile device for any reason permitted in the Locker Rooms.