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2019-2023 Strategic Plan

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2019 Strategic Plan Scorecard

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The Strategic Planning Committee is pleased to present our Club’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan! 
This Plan is the result of the committee’s collective expertise, considered thought, input, and effort. As we developed this plan, we recognized our Club’s recent accomplishments, successes, and challenges, and also identified emerging opportunities. Our 2016-2020 strategic plan provided a “realistic assessment of the challenges facing our Club” and prompted the need for important changes. Our 2018-2022 plan continued in this same vein – realism, clarity and alignment of direction, combined with optimism and possibility. 
Our 2019-2023 plan is about:
  • Transitioning back to full ownership of our business units and revenue sources
  • Navigating a path for financial viability – now and long term
  • Elevating the experience, service, product, and execution 
Quite simply, this plan is about “DUNDAS DONE RIGHT”.  
(a thank you to our new F&B Manager, Dana Selman, for this slogan)
Why is this Plan important to each member of Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club?
  • Our north star with clarity, common understanding, and alignment: This Plan sets our direction and priorities by clarifying our Club’s mission, vision, and values, and how these will guide our success over the coming years. It also puts our Club’s Board, management, staff, and members all on the same page by assessing our current situation, and defining the goals and targets needed to implement this plan.
  • Three pillars are the strategic foundation of our Plan: o Member experience and retention (our highest priority) o Investment growth and community presence o Leadership accountability
  • Collective ownership: With our GM’s leadership his entire team knows what they are being asked and accountable for delivering. Training is being provided to give them the tools and confidence needed to succeed. When our Operations Team delivers on their commitments, each of you is also being asked to take ownership by supporting your Club as much as possible. Finally, our Board is clear on the challenges we face and potentialopportunities, and is committed to making decisions in the best interests of members.
  • Paths to long term financial viability: Our plan is clear on where we are today and two paths that lead our Club to financial viability. Both have inherent assumptions which we believe are realistic, as well as containing optimism for what could be. To help us know which path we are on, we have developed a scorecard which will be transparently shared with members following each quarter end.  
This is our Club’s plan – not the Strategic Planning Committee’s, nor the Board’s, nor Management’s. Each of you have a valuable role to play to contribute to our overall success. We encourage you to understand our Plan, embrace our Club’s values and your role. At its essence, it is really about the people who choose to be members and enjoy the many meaningful interactions and experiences that define Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club.
Sincerely, Your Strategic Planning Committee