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We are now one week into the golfing season and despite an unseasonably cool stretch of weather and one heavy rain event the golf course is in fine shape and holding up to the barrage of wear and tear that comes from being a busy golf course. Thank you to the membership for demonstrating excellent course care practices so far, ball marks and divots are under control thus far please keep it up! Thank you again to the membership for giving the Greens Crew a wide berth and allowing us to complete our tasks while maintaining a safe social distancing.

This year’s Greens Crew has a few new members and training is ongoing and extensive, please be a little patient as it can take time to become a pro at working quietly and efficiently on a busy golf course.

With warmer weather on the way we are already seeing the poa Annua grass going to seed which is an annoying time of year as it creates a bumpier putting surface particularly later in the day. Seed head production generally last a few weeks and we will do our best to maintain the best putting surfaces possible during this time.

Many of the bunkers were topped up with sand in the past few weeks and although they have been plate tamped already they may play a bit fluffier or heavier than usual at first. You may also notice the back left bunker on 16 is in the process of being filled in and it will be returned to turf. We would like to remind all members to not enter or exit a sand trap on a steep face, this can damage the edge quite significantly.

You may have noticed the area behind the 6th green has had all of its turf removed, the plan for this area is to seed it to a fine fescue and let that area become a naturalized area. Once established the turf will be tall, fine and wispy that will sway beautifully in the wind and provide a beautiful backdrop for the 6th green. It will also be easy to locate golf balls should you happen to hit one in there. One reason we chose to do this is that we needed sod before the sod farms were open so this was a good spot to harvest our own for completing on course projects.

That’s about all the news for now, really look forward to seeing everyone out there!


Jamie Cutting

G.C Superintendent

Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club