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The golf course may have opened a month later than usual but it certainly feels as though we have made up those days with a great summer so far, warm sunny days seem to be the norm which has led to a very busy and hopefully well enjoyed golf course. Limited rainfall (except of course for the downpours of club championships) have meant near drought type conditions and we have had to work very hard to stay on top of the turf and not allow it to burn out especially in high traffic areas. Again a reiteration of the last report, “if it’s brown go around”. Please be mindful and a friend to your greens department by avoiding the stressed out areas and drive or walk on the lush and healthy turf as this makes a huge difference.

While I potentially have your attention, if you are indeed reading this then maybe it would be acceptable to remark upon a few other measures that you as a golfer can take to make sure you are indeed a friend to not only the greens department but to the golf course as well. Here are 5 things that we would love to see out on the golf course from you.

  1. Repair ball marks;
  2. Repair ball marks properly;
  3. Replace divots including on tee decks (we don’t understand why no one does this);
  4. Replace divots properly, if they don’t get put back snug in their original home they will just get ruined by our equipment or dry out and die;
  5. Never enter or exit a sand trap on a steep face;
  6. Keep all 4 tires of golf carts on the asphalt when you are on the path, do not pull off to the side. Consider the path when you park to be a driveway not a road, keep the machine on the driveway and off the lawn please!

Sorry, I lied that’s 6. July and August are the toughest months on our golf course, stress on our turf comes in the form of heat, lack of rainfall, insect pests feeding, turf diseases looming, difficult soil conditions, tree root competition, tree shade issues, often excessive maintenance practices which lead to abiotic stresses and so on and so on. The greens department will deal with these factors but your help is required to reduce the barrage of stress that comes from play, please help.


Jamie Cutting

G.C Superintendent

Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club