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Summer is at an end I’m afraid but we welcome autumn with open arms. The weather has been quite favourable recently and although the temperatures are cooler and the days much shorter we have been blessed with for the most part nice sunny days with above average temperatures and below average rainfall. Long term forecasts call for a bit more precipitation on the way and near normal average daily temperatures. September means students returning to school and a much smaller greens crew but our goal is always to provide the very best conditioning we can regardless of crew size.

With autumn comes the turning of the leaves and some of the trees have been showing spectacular colour already and we only hope it continues as it really adds to the beauty and scenery of Dundas Valley. Of course once the leaves fall to the ground they turn into our worst enemy and we spend an enormous amount of time and resources devoted to cleaning them up! Leaf rule if not already will surely be in place soon. At the moment we are in the daily routine of having to blow the course clean each day so that we can carry out any mowing and very soon we will be spending a huge part of our days picking and cleaning up the leaf piles and rows.

As we get into the fall season we begin to think about the winterization of the golf course and although it may seem too early to think about that it takes a lot of planning and a lot of work to make sure that we give the turf the very best chance to make it through the winter. We want to make sure that we maximize the health of the turf, maximize rooting depth, allow the turf to begin to harden off and not let it remain too lush. Winters are often harsh and difficult to keep turf alive and we work hard through the fall so that we can survive this difficult season; there are of course no guarantees with Mother Nature but we must do everything we can to shift the odds in our favour and a great deal of what we do from late September onward is geared toward this.

The irrigation system will be blown out on October 26-28th and once that has happened the on course washrooms will be closed down for the season, porta potties will be stationed to get us through to the end of season.

This time of year also brings with it another enemy in the form of frost delays, to date we have had 2 so far. Patience is appreciated and believe me no one hates frost delays more than the Greens Department. During frost events cells within the grass plants can freeze and if walked or driven upon can be crushed leading to serious tissue damage or death to the plant and that is why we must stay off the turf until melt has taken place.

Other than daily maintenance of the golf course we are undertaking a large tee renovation project on the 9th. The wooden collapsing and rotting retaining wall will be replaced with some armour stone and 2 new tee decks will be built both on top of the slope to the north west as well as directly behind the existing deck. This all came from the fact that something had to be done about the failing retaining wall and the idea was proposed and subsequently approved that if we are to spend funds to repair the wall why not spend a little more and create something special with the best view on the golf course. Hope you will like it and should hopefully be ready for play sometime next summer.

Lots of great golf left to play, see you out there!


Jamie Cutting

G.C Superintendent

Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club