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After helping found the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club in 1931, John Wilkie Lawrason won the First Senior Championship in the Club’s inaugural season.  His son Jardine (Bus) Lawrason, age 18, won the second in 1932, and his daughter Ruth Lawrason won the Women’s Championship in 1937 and 1938.

In 2009, Wilkie’s son, Alex Lawrason, brought the trophies home to Dundas Valley G&CC. Wilkie and Bus’ trophies, and an original share, were donated back to the Club.  In return, a free game once a year for 25 years.

The trophies are on display at the Club, please feel free to stop by to see them in person!

After 78 Years, in 2009, Wilkie’s son Alex Presents His Father’s Trophy back to DVG&CC.

In 1969, Alex rose to President and CEO of Eddy Match Ltd. in charge of 9 operations across Canada and the U.S.  After retiring in 1979 he and wife Jean travelled the world.  They bought a van dubbed “The Turtle” and over two years visited 29 countries, in Europe and the Middle East, and travelled 85,000 km. In WW11 he had been wounded in the Battle of Normandy, as Lieutenant leading the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.  To honour Alex and all Canadians who helped to free their country, he received France’s Legion of Honour Award shortly before he died in 2018, at age 100 in Lakefield, Ontario.   

*A special thank you to Jim Lawrason (son of Bus, nephew to Alex and Ruth) for passing along this story. 

Clippings from “The Treasure in the Valley – The story of Dundas Valley G&CC”

John Wilkie Lawrason

Bus Lawrason